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We are excited to invite you to our first Artist Reception and Book Signing in Santa Fe, NM, August 16 and 17 from 5 pm to closing at the Passport to Pueblo Country Fine Art Gallery located at the shops in the Inn and Spa at Loretto near the historic Santa Fe Plaza. Email us for more information. ALSO, WE WILL BE AT THE SANTA FE INDIAN MARKET AUGUST 19-20, 2017, BOOTH 763 LIN W.

Eugene Tapahe, Navajo, is a designer, artist and photographer, who specializes in capturing the beautiful landscape and people of the Southwest. He receives inspiration from his grandmother, family, and culture. When Tapahe is on a photo shoot, he feels his ancestors’ presence with him. He feels their love and blessings when he photographs places they once walked. Tapahe hopes you will appreciate his images and stories they tell as he begins his new journey.




  • “Eugene is one of the most genuine and dedicated artists that I have had the pleasure of knowing. It is great to see his work reflect the depth of his being.”

    Chris Billy, Largo Photography
  • “Eugene has an impeccable eye for composition. Whether shooting with his iPhone or DSLR, in color or black & white, landscape or portraiture, his pictures evoke a deep connection to his subjects embodied by every photo.”

    John Schaidler, writer and filmmaker
  • “Eugene’s landscapes and nature photography are both breathtaking and touching; even more so once you realize he captures the awesome and majestic beauty of nature so easily even with just an iPhone. He gives his viewers the opportunity to marvel at the grandeur of our world that we are often too busy to sit back and enjoy.”

    John de Dios, freelance producer National Geographic Society
  • “Eugene's work is breathtaking. From portraits to landscapes, his images often evoke deep reflection.”

    Michelle Johnson Associate Prof., Multimedia Journalism, Boston University